Letters to the Editor

ACA: Doctors choose what network plans they are in

A recent letter writer stated that President Obama "lied" when he said, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

It would be great if people in the U.S. would understand that the president has no control over whether your doctor opts to stay in the health care plan you used to have.

Open Season enrollments require those seeking medical coverage to review the plans and physicians in the plans. Open Seasons bring changes to government workers, and many for years chose to lose a doctor and keep the same plan; others chose to follow the doctor who went into a new network.

Just because you have a doctor in a plan this year does not mean that doctor will opt to stay in your plan next year.

Everyone has the option to choose plans, including the doctors. Individuals need to be responsible for educating themselves on the health care market place and weigh the health plan benefits prior to making their selection.

Stop blaming Obama if your doctor opted out of a plan you had prior to the Affordable Care Act.

Andrea Corwin