Letters to the Editor

RACE: Black lives, in particular, matter

Re: "Shouldn’t all lives matter?” (letter, 8-17).

An overwhelming feeling of sadness overcame me upon reading this letter. Hundred of years of segregation appear to have made understanding and empathy impossible for far too many white people who know little or nothing about the collective experience of black folks in this country.

I can immediately think of readings that might shed some light here (Ta-Nehisi Coates’ prodigious piece in The Atlantic, “The Case for Reparations," comes to mind). But the sad fact is, the people who say they are “tired” of hearing about Black Lives Matter would be very unlikely to read, let alone digest the information and history presented there.

All lives matter? What about saying to the people in Chelan, “All houses matter”? It’s true, of course, but if yours is in the path of the wildfires, maybe you don’t care if the residents who are safely out of mortal danger “get tired” of your cries for help.

Margi Nowak