Letters to the Editor

EDUCATION: New tests tougher, but they're better

Re: "Washington kids beat low predictions on state tests" (TNT, 8-18).

These new tests are especially important to Washington students like my kids who attend mostly low-income, high-minority schools. These schools need extra support, and now we have the numbers to prove it.

The results will show us how our schools are doing compared to others in the district, and they’ll allow us to see where help is needed. Most importantly, the tests will let me know how my boys are doing before it’s too late.

As a parent, it's like looking at my car’s dashboard. I’ll be able to use the scores as a way to gauge how fast my kids are learning, whether or not they need to accelerate, how fulfilled they are and if their check-engine light is on. Teachers can also use these new scores to tailor their lessons to what students need as well as provide extra help for the kids who are struggling.

Rebecca Padilla