Letters to the Editor

PUYALLUP: Candidates' campaigning was inappropriate

I attended the recent community outreach meeting by the Puyallup Police Department where they briefed the public about the recent murder and shooting rampage that took place in our neighborhood, answered questions and provided emotional resource support links.

Emotions were raw, people were hurting emotionally, and fear and uncertainty were present within our community. I was appalled though to see City Council candidates Dean Johnson and Robin Farris exploiting this event for their campaign efforts.

Johnson wore a large name tag clearly announcing who he was and the council position he is running for. Many people commented about his lack of class in doing so.

Farris was seen handing out cards and notes on the back of her campaign flyers and handing them to people in the audience.

The hurt still exists in my heart for the loss in our community and so does the disgust for these two people using such an event for their own political gain.