Letters to the Editor

PUYALLUP: City should ban personal fireworks

I am happy to see that the Puyallup City Council is considering banning use of fireworks by the general public. Enacting the ban ASAP would be great; a countywide ban would be the ideal.

I often wonder about the effects of the widespread fireworks on some of our veterans. Also, the traumatic impact these blasts have on our animal friends is huge and shouldn't be minimized, That they can cause fires is always a concern of course, and the noise and air pollution is another important issue.

The present fireworks guidelines are not adequately enforced and have done little or nothing to prevent our Puyallup Valley from sounding and looking like a war zone on July 4 and for a couple days before and after. I would think It'd be easier to enforce a total, outright ban than the confusing restrictions that are now in place.