Letters to the Editor

IRAN: Trust madmen who don't value lives?

President Obama’s “deal” to keep the madmen in Iran from nuclear missiles that will reach Israel, Europe and finally the U.S. is flawed.

The madmen do not value their lives, so a nuclear deterrent from the civilized world is meaningless. Obama claims his deal is the only alternative short of war.

Most Americans and the world know Obama is incapable of starting a war as demonstrated by his red-line mandate to Syria concerning its chemical weapons. Syria still has chemical weapons and does the Islamic State, which would kill Americans with their newfound Syrian mustard gas.

If Obama and his allies cannot control Syria WMDs, how can we expect success with Iran’s nukes?

In addition, the Iranian deal leaves Americans in Iranian prisons, does not curtail Iranian terror in the world and frees $150 billion to accelerate that terror. The solution to Iran’s aggression is to strengthen the sanctions and threaten a debilitating naval blockade of Iran until Iran joins the civilized world.

China and Russia will not challenge an all-powerful and determined America.