Letters to the Editor

TERRORISM: US should honor heroes, too

Let’s hope President Obama follows the lead of the French president, who awarded the Legion of Honor to three Americans who risked their lives to prevent a horrendous terrorist attack.

Not discounting how differently these three might be recognized - one is an active duty airman, another a member of the Oregon National Guard (not on active duty orders), and the third is a civilian college student - but they certainly need to be formally recognized by a grateful nation with our highest honors.

While not elaborating on what such “highest honors” may be (the Medal of Honor has been awarded for less, and even the likes of Bill Cosby have been presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom), but it needs to overshadow Emmys, Oscars, Tonys, Heismans, Cy Youngs, MVPs, etc). It has to be an award that recognizes the true value our nation places on an act of bravery and valor displayed by these young men in the service of others.

Such service goes beyond wealth, celebrity status or athletic skill (aided at times with a deflated ball or steroids). At the very least, our embassy in Paris should have provided these young men a suit in which to receive France’s highest honor.

Robert Humphries