Letters to the Editor

TRUMP: How does clown rate center stage?

Why are the media and the American voters obsessing over this clown?

The Republican Party just needs to accept that Donald Trump has bought himself the center stage, resign itself to the inevitability of his vindictive third-party run, and recognize that the votes he siphons off translate into votes for (presumably) Hillary Clinton.

They have done it to themselves. The GOP needs to ponder how irrelevant the Party of the 1 Percent has become in today’s world.

When a candidate courts voters who apparently cannot fathom issues facing society today, the result is simple-minded hatred, thinly veiled by the Stars and Stripes. Let’s forget polarizing Republican values and Democratic values and get back to America’s values.

People of all races, creeds and ethnicities fought side by side to make America great, and we still are great, regardless of what Trump says. How many undocumented workers mop floors and make beds in Trump hotels? Where are the candidates with something important to say?

Susan J. Campbell