Letters to the Editor

MILITARY: Don't limit Selective Service to males

On a recent trip to the post office, I noted brochures on the counter: “MEN 18 through 25 REGISTER, Do the right thing, It’s Quick – It’s Easy – It’s The Law.”

The brochures were referring to the Selective Service System to use in case of national emergency, determined by Congress and the president, which would require rapid expansion of the armed forces. Men are required to register within 30 days of their 18th birthday.

At this same time, two women were completing Army Ranger training with national media attention. With these women and many others filling challenging roles in today’s modern technical military, it is time to make this registration requirement universal for both men and women to ensure that qualified personnel are available.

This would double the number of candidates during an emergency and result in the most qualified being chosen for whatever the task required.

Today’s military is made up of all the career fields it takes to run successful organizations and businesses in addition to gun-toting soldiers; there are actually more of them and there is no reason women can’t do them successfully. Limiting the Selective Service System to only men is outdated thinking.

Mike Hirko

Gig Harbor