Letters to the Editor

JBLM: McChord part makes poor impression

Joint Base Lewis-McChord was supposed to save money, but at whose expense?

McChord Air Force Base spent over the last 35 years hundreds of thousands of dollars in landscaping projects, ensuring that the main gate created a good first impression. Rhododendrons were planted along with several other species of plants in a well-planned entrance.

What kind of impression do those same plants, mostly dead from no water at all, project now?

Since that job was taken over by the Army (JBLM), my impression is that the Air Force is dead. As you drive around the base the only thing green are natural wild plants and the golf course.

I have been associated with the air base for more than 35 years, and this is the worst I have ever seen it look. Does the Army part look as bad? I doubt it.

Yes, we are in a water conservation season, but what happens next year? Will there be another contract let to replant 30-year-old rhododendrons, or will the Army just continue to ignore the Air Force needs?

Patrick L. O’Hagan II