Letters to the Editor

EDUCATION: Lawmakers must meet responsibility

Re: “Letter calls fine a threat, unlawful” (TNT, 8-23).

I am saddened to hear the response from Republican state senators to the recent fine placed by the state Supreme Court. They act as if they were blindsided by this decision.

The Legislature was first called to fund basic education in 2012. Washington state citizens voted for this action. Two special sessions were held to find a solution. Yet Gov. Jay Inslee reports that at this point there is little to talk about.

I’d like to remind lawmakers that they are modeling an important lesson on modern civics for students.

As lawmakers decide when, and if, they will step up to their responsibilities, another school year of crowded classrooms begins. I suggest that when the Legislature does get around to discussing this issue, some expectations will be in place.

To begin with: All hands on deck. Everyone must be physically in Olympia ready to work. I would ask them to sit up straight, spit out their gum and turn their cell phones off. And no long lunches off campus!

Nancy Glen