Letters to the Editor

ABORTION: When does 'personhood' begin?

Now that the eighth video exposing the selling of unborn human body parts has been released, what have we learned since Roe v. Wade?

Due to technological and scientific advancements, we now know that when one sperm from the father fertilizes one egg from the mother, a unique and separate genetic code begins and human life starts. This unique code, which defines so much of who we are, remains intact until death. This DNA code defines a human from, say, a dog or cat.

The real issue, then, is when do we, as a society, instill the protective legal status of “personhood” on this unborn human life? At one time, our Supreme Court made a decision, in the Dred Scott ruling, that blacks had no legal status as U.S. citizens. Today does anyone believe that?

With the brute reality that is being exposed by these videos now in the public eye, is it not now appropriate to open up a more informed discussion on this issue? Are we not, as a society, playing God when we arbitrarily declare that one segment on the spectrum of human life has no legal rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”?

Richard Smith