Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: More than one way we can save history

I read that Harold LeMay is to be celebrated as an historian (TNT, 8-28). “I don’t collect cars. I save history,” LeMay was quoted as saying.

There is more than one way to “save history.” On my neighborhood walk, I walked by one of the two remaining historic houses built by a female architect. I walked by the oldest house still remaining in the North Slope Historic District. It was built in 1881. I walked by the Bing Crosby house. I walked by houses - American Foursquare, Homesteaders and Craftsmans - knowing that if I looked I could walk by 15 other housing styles.

LeMay has his museum. We have a city planning staff trying to destroy Tacoma’s residential history.

With the lack of understanding by city planners, we in the North Slope Historic District must fight to save history - residential housing history, our history, the history of Tacoma’s people.

If cars can save history, why can’t houses?