Letters to the Editor

ABORTION: Pregnant woman also has 'personhood'

How has it happened that in discussing the issues around “personhood” and abortion, so many of the views (like in the Aug. 28 letter to the editor) dismiss completely the needs and rights of the pregnant woman?

It’s like she has become irrelevant, even invisible, in the face of the “rights” of the unborn fetus.

Many pregnant girls and women are not financially or emotionally able to have their baby. For them, an abortion may be a life-saver. Do we really believe it is ethical and humane to expect these women to birth their child for the community - a community where often the child, unless considered desirable, will end up in the nebulous stability of the foster care system?

For those advocating for “fetus rights,” please remember that the person bearing that fetus is a viable human life, fully deserving to be valued and protected by our society without question or judgment.

Janeen Provazek