Letters to the Editor

GUNS: Break chains of gun violence

The ambush of TV station employees is the current case raising questions of guns/violence in our country. One recent letter writer suggested that these kinds of events largely result from the detailed reporting by the press of these ugly incidents (TNT, 8-28).

Since the media mostly focus on unusual events, their coverage is clearly warranted. I hope these unfortunate disasters continue to be covered as abnormal and atypical.

The sources of American gun violence are many, but stem from two important bases.

One is our heavy emphasis on personal freedoms, even at the expense of our neighbors. Thus, we all seemingly must have access to guns whether or not we demonstrate a need and an ability to manage them in a responsible manner.

A second base is the view that individuals stand alone in responding to disagreements and challenges. Negotiations and nonviolent responses are often regarded by too many as ineffective and indecisive.

Breaking the chains of American gun violence is going to require the restoration of civic community and responsibility among neighbors. The overemphasis on individualism has played a large part in getting us into the present circumstance and poses little potential for improvement.