Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: Don't provide free parking spots

Re: “Changes sought for residential parking” (TNT, 8-31).

The usurping of public streets for private residential parking is an unfair abuse of our streets and our tax funds.

Streets are built and maintained for auto traffic, not for pedestrian travel or private parking. Road and auto fuel taxes are collected and paid for road construction and maintenance.

Property owners - residential, commercial and governmental - should provide off-street parking (parking lots or garages) for themselves, their clients and customers, leaving the public streets clear and safe for vehicular traffic.

Owners of property do not own any portion of the street adjoining their property. They should not be able to claim (or buy) any proprietorship of a street for their own use - by permit, placard or personal intervention.

Street parking is dangerous - children and animals, darting from between parked cars, are vulnerable - and inconvenient to street cleaners and emergency vehicles. If “street parkers” cannot be banned for political reasons, they should be required to obtain a “good to park” license” (for a fee similar to a bridge toll).

In fairness to street users and taxpayers, all “street parkers” should pay for any street parking.