Letters to the Editor

TRUMP: Stay tuned for one heckuva show

Patrick M. O'Brien, Tacoma

I don’t know if Donald Trump has a sense of humor or not. If he does, I’m sure he wakes up every morning and, after looking at himself in the mirror, bursts out laughing. How else could he handle the absurdity of the increasingly real prospect that a known braggart and blowhard could hoodwink so many people into clamoring aboard his bandwagon?

Surely, from the moment he pinches himself a few times to the moment he steps out onto the stage for another go-around at bamboozling the public, he has to suppress the urge to laugh out loud. He may even have to overcome the impulse to break into a triumphant jig.

But whether or not the hoopla ever leads to the nomination, one thing is certain: He’ll have had his share of fun. And who knows, before it’s all over - before Americans come to their senses - one of these times, he might even show up with a bevy of dancing girls, along with free beer and pretzels. Helicopter rides for kids may be only the beginning.

Stay tuned; this guy is outrageous enough for anything!