Letters to the Editor

ABORTION: Who is turning back the clock?

Hillary Clinton appears to be doubling down on the issue of unrestricted abortion rights, likening her opponents to radical terrorists and accusing them of waging a war on women (TNT, 8-28).

I find it ironic that she accuses pro-lifers of wanting to turn back the clock when she and her supporters continue to turn the clock back to 1973 when Roe vs. Wade was passed and it was much easier to imagine the unborn as a “mass of human tissue” not worthy of protection.

In the nearly half-century since then, we have developed 3D and 4D ultrasound technology, discovered that a baby’s heart is beating by 5 weeks, brain waves are present by 6 weeks and pain can be experienced by 10 weeks. We have witnessed life-saving in utero microsurgery and seen aborted fetuses survive.

The original question in the abortion debate was simple: “Is this life?” To continue to hold to the 1973 position is to turn a blind eye to the overwhelming scientific and medical evidence that has emerged in the past 42 years.

And this from a leader of the party which claims to be for progress, science and enlightenment. Ironic. And very, very sad.