Letters to the Editor

IRAN: Cantwell should oppose bad deal

Shame on Sen. Patty Murray for supporting the administration’s foolhardy, feckless nukes deal with Iran. Motivated by affinity with her own party’s elite, she trades national security and global stability for political expedience.

The flawed rationale is that any deal, no matter how bad, is better than no deal at all. Iran’s disingenuous claim that its interest in enriched uranium is not for weapons development is reminiscent of Rodney Dangerfield’s “I don’t like coke. I just like the way it smells.”

For the next 15 years, Iran will be permitted to enrich uranium “for peaceful purposes,” and is thereafter free to do with uranium whatever it pleases. Yes, this includes weapons. This warped logic is like parents futilely attempting to deter their children from heroin addiction by telling them that as long as they snort rather than inject it and don’t do it to excess, heroin abuse will be condoned.

Please excuse the drug metaphors but they poignantly illustrate the administration’s “whistling in the dark” deportment regarding this critical issue.

So far our other senator, Maria Cantwell, has resisted joining the sheep and toeing the party line. Hopefully she will ultimately vote “no” and do what is right, not what’s expedient.