Letters to the Editor

ABORTION: Down syndrome child has value, too

Re: “Down syndrome abortion ban is unconstitutional” (Off the wire, 8-31).

When we mark our unborn offspring for acceptance or destruction based on their personal characteristics, we treat them as commodities. They live or die according to whether they fit our template of a convenient and desirable human being.

Our society was built on the belief that “all men are created equal.” Treating children as images of God requires, but also forms in us, generosity and fortitude.

The lawmakers in Ohio recognize that aborting for eugenic reasons harms all of us. The idea that humans are products to be chosen or discarded at will, once rooted, spreads. And if we ourselves should become disabled and marked for destruction, what will be our defense? Will any remain who have the generosity to shield us?

Support and information for parents of Down children is available and increasing. People with Down syndrome are leading longer and healthier lives, often integrated into the community.

No parent should feel hopeless in the face of this diagnosis; like any child, a Down syndrome child will bring challenges and difficulties, but also delight.