Letters to the Editor

DRUGS: Better way needed against addiction

Re: "Restrictions only add to problem" (letter, 8-31).

I would like to see more dialogue about the issue of addiction to opiates due to use of pain medications. The current methods are not working and, as the writer suggests, obviously tightening the restrictions will only add to the problems. Currently the percentage of addicts who have successfully recovered can’t be great.

We are losing wonderful people to addiction. There has to be a better way of treating them. Now the options are: Once the doctor stops prescribing the medication, the addicted patient does something illegal to obtain more opiates to ease the “pain,” is arrested sooner or later, and goes to jail for a few weeks. After release, it all happens again.

It is a vicious cycle. The other participants in this cycle are the family and friends who are affected by their addiction.

Or perhaps we don't need more facilities and programs, but need more facilities and programs that actually help.