Letters to the Editor

ECONOMY: Obama's policies are clunkers

It has been fun to be a football fan in the Northwest lately. However, just seven years ago the Seahawks only won four games and the Huskies won 0 games. Fans demanded change, and they got it.

Sadly, America has gotten used to a losing season after season. Our economy has been growing at subpar growth for both Obama terms. The debt continues to rise. Wage growth is slow.

Every possible ailment that our president and his administration have tried to correct has gotten worse. Every silly policy from his $900 billion stimulus package to cash for clunkers, raising taxes on job creators, Obamacare and more regulations have been a huge failures.

The energy sector, which Obama had no input in, has carried the whole economy.

It takes years to engineer a new football program. However, engineering a winning America will be very easy. It will take just days. We just need to get rid of that which is holding it back: Obama policies.

When he retires, he can brag about his achievements and begin teaching policy at an Ivy League college. Regular Americans can go to back to work again. Perfect!