Letters to the Editor

RELIGION: Follow the Bible or law of the land?

So Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis got sent to jail for violating a judge’s order. Maybe if she didn’t want to be jailed she should have tried not breaking the law.

Then she claims she wants us all to follow the good word in the good book, and if she doesn’t follow God’s word she could burn in hell. Maybe if she led by example we could take her more seriously.

Timothy 2-12: “I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.”

Suppose a Muslim DMV worker refused to give her a driver’s license? Or a Catholic refused to grant her next divorce? How fast would she scream “oppression”?

Davis is not allowed to pick and chose what laws to follow without repercussions. She shouldn’t expect us to take her religious rights seriously if she only follows parts of the Bible. If it’s such a good book and way to live one’s life, why does she ignore the Book of Timothy?

I hope they throw away the key and also jail her son for refusing to issue marriage licenses.