Letters to the Editor

OBAMA: Writer's fantasies don't mesh with facts

Re: “Obama’s policies are clunkers” (letter, 9-6).

The letter writer who used football as an analogy regarding the economy under President Obama needs to work on his research skills. The economy has been at a steady climb since 2010. Oil prices have been in decline for months caused by a glut brought on by aggressive U.S. oil production, solar and wind power, energy-efficient automobiles and aircraft engines.

The benefits to the American people are enormous. Coal mining and fracking shale has become less profitable and more helpful to the environment.

Blame stagnant wages on those who pay wages. Production has never been higher, and wages have never been lower in relationship to output but it’s changing. To insinuate the stimulus was folly is naive and shows a lack of curiosity using simple research.

The writer says, and not with tongue in cheek, that it should have been easy and taken just days to engineer the turnaround in 2009 of an economy in the worst recession since the Great Depression of 1929.

When using football analogies to compare what the president has and hasn’t accomplished, one should keep it in the realm of reality rather than in the land of fantasy football.