Letters to the Editor

REFUGEES: We're not helping situation we created

Roy F. Johnson, Gig Harbor

I watched on TV as thousands of Iraqi and Syrian refugees were being welcomed in Austria as heroes and survivors of their perilous journey across Asia Minor, the Aegean and the Balkans. The local Austrians had filled a warehouse with food and clothing.

The scene was reminiscent of a hangar at Westover Air Force Base, Massachusetts, where our troops were being welcomed home from wars in the Middle East. In two Bush declared wars, our country has destroyed the civil governments, armies, police forces, and electric grids of Iraq and Afghanistan, and destabilized the Middle East.

At Pearl Harbor, they have the “bookends of WWII”: the Arizona Memorial sunk at the start of our war and berthed next to it the battleship Missouri, where the surrender document was signed four years later.

What more appropriate bookends for the Bush wars than taking in our returning soldiers and 20 years later Europe taking in the millions of refugees our wars caused?

Since all the rhetoric from the Grand Ole Party - which controls the House and Senate - is anti-refugee and anti-immigrant, the United States will be taking in very few of this tide of war-torn refugees that our nation created.