Letters to the Editor

RELIGION: Conscience often needs educating

Re: “Clerk shakes up marriage truce” (TNT, 9-6).

The article raises two important issues.

▪  The widespread assumption that the Bible (and God) oppose same-sex marriage needs careful examination. It is not just lliberals who believe otherwise. There are now many deeply committed evangelicals and conservatives who have felt driven back to another close look at the whole Bible (and not just five or six verses).

What has driven them is coming to know personally deeply dedicated Christian gay and lesbian persons whose lives demonstrate God’s love and grace.

Any who would like to know more may read one or more of the following books: “Bible, Gender, Sexuality” by James Brownson; “The Bible’s Yes to Same-Sex Marriage”

by Mark Achtemeier; “A Letter to My Congregation” by Ken Wilson; “God and the Gay Christian” by Matthew Vines; and “Changing Our Mind” by David P. Gushee.

▪  The idea that my troubled conscience has the right in these United States (and under God) to impose its views upon someone else’s freedom is not only un-American, but also un-Christian. The glory and wonder of the Bible’s witness to God is that God is not a tyrant who limits human freedom and forces conformity! Never, thank God!