Letters to the Editor

EDUCATION: Charter schools heading for a fail

Re: “Court shoots down charter school law” (TNT, 9-5).

I appreciate the state Supreme Court’s decision to declare charter schools illegal in Washington. The basis of this decision, as I understand it, is that Washington law is very clear that public tax money for schools must have public oversight, and many charter schools have operated with private oversight.

While this is a narrow distinction, it is important to recognize that one charter school in Seattle last year had enormous budget difficulties, with the upshot being that someone was trying to profiteer from this school. Tax money for education should be aimed at children, teachers, buildings, supplies, administrators and little else.

After three votes on charter schools failed, one finally succeeded because the proponents outspent opponents by a five-to-one margin, and it only passed by one percent. Perhaps after all this, we Washingtonians might want to put all our eggs into the improvement of our existing public schools, and supporting most those which need most help.

It would also be good to have legislators who were willing to increase taxes progressively (the rich pay the most) to provide adequate funding for the McCleary decision and Initiative 1351 (decreasing class size). A great education system makes a great state.