Letters to the Editor

ECONOMY: Things getting better under Obama

Re: “Obama’s policies are clunkers” (letter, 9-6).

To the citizens who find something negative to say about everything President Obama does: Where have you been? Our country has improved drastically during his administration.

My husband and I graduated from college during and immediately after the administration of George W. Bush. Jobs were scarce for our generation. We took what we could get and just now have been able to find stability. My sister and her friends who recently graduated all found gainful employment upon graduation.

Today it seems almost every place of business is hiring, and there are at least five homes for sale on my block alone. Gas prices are at their lowest since 2004.

Our president is making monumental social change and helping our country prosper after a recession. In 50 years, Obama will go down in history as one of the best presidents we have ever had.

Yes, much still needs to be done, and that is what we need to think about in the next election if we want to stay on this path of recovery.

The naysayers should think twice and actually look around at our prosperous country before criticizing the president. To President Obama: Thank you.