Letters to the Editor

9/11: Honor the fallen by working for peace

Once again on Friday we mark a terrible day in our history and remember the sheer horror we experienced. And those who were lost.

Maybe it is finally time for us to also look in the mirror and our failures since this event. We are divided and arguing with each other. We have failed to conquer fear and spend a lot of time fixating on the newest enemy. Our resolve is for anger, not resolution or creating solutions.

We don’t stand proud; we seem to be frozen and impotent to cope with new problems.

Right now we are arguing over a peace agreement between five nations and Iran. While I do understand differences in approach, I find arguing over working for peace to be reality challenged. Isn’t peace always supposed to be our goal?

We keep fighting to beat an enemy we fail to understand. And that is why it grows stronger in our weakness. It’s inside us. We are an entire nation with PTSD.

It’s time to face this disease and fix it. We learned nothing from our loss of many good people. We need to start talking to each other again. And listening, too.