Letters to the Editor

EDUCATION: Those rallying to save charters are wrong

Washington’s recently declared unconstitutional charter school law requires the public to pay for privately run schools that have to operate exclusively per guidelines that the Bill & Melinda Gates and Walton Foundation designed through a third-party nonprofit funded by them.

They are not subject to any elected school board; it is literally taxation without representation. Furthermore, the law allows charter schools to seize public school buildings for their own purposes over the objection of the elected school board and the voters of individual school districts.

Under this law, Stadium High School could become the property of a corporation over the objection of our school district.

Finally, although the law calls these schools “public schools,” the teachers in these schools are forbidden from joining the public school teachers union. Six of nine Supreme Court justices found this to be unconstitutional. And already certain state legislators are screaming that this is “judicial activism” at its worst.

Our legislators must defend the state constitution and democracy in public education. Parents and students also rallied to fight racial integration against the courts. They were wrong then, and those rallying to save charters are wrong now.

You cannot put children first by putting democracy last.