Letters to the Editor

MARRIAGE: Kim Davis had another option

In the article, “Kim Davis should find another line of work” (TNT, 9-8), the author wrote, “I believe in strong protections for freedom of conscience: religious or otherwise.” But she went on to say that Davis shouldn’t be persecuted for being jailed over exercising her religious beliefs and should find another job.

Opponents and proponents of this issue should have used forethought. When same-sex marriage law went into affect, Davis should have discussed her dilemma in department meetings and formulated plans to incorporate the law without jeopardizing her religious freedom. Proponents should have planned implementing the new law while respecting other’s religious freedom.

For example: If a nurse opposes abortion, that nurse is not forced to assist in abortions. Instead, the nurse signs up to assist other surgeries, respectfully accommodating everyone’s beliefs.

Many government and media point out what divides people, further perpetuating power struggles. Can we quit finger-pointing and set an example for our next generation by listening, understanding, compromising and problem solving?

Maybe our government should consider changing the “Marriage License” to “Legal Union License” for all couples, gay or straight. Then leave marriage to churches and families. Let’s find a respectful solution.