Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Jeni Woock serves the community

I am a filmmaker in Gig Harbor who came to know Jeni Woock while volunteering for the Gig Harbor Film Festival.

For several years, I watched how she built up a group of about 75 volunteers, managing us in an inspiring and motivational way. She made us feel welcome, central to the mission of the festival and set an example for dedicated community service.

Woock is highly organized, thinks creatively for solutions to problems, and always puts customers and the volunteers before herself.

I also know her through the local Dining for Women group, which meets monthly to raise funds to give a “hand up” rather than a “hand out” to women in need in developing countries. As much as Woock is concerned about citizens in Gig Harbor, she is also caring about people of the world. She believes in serving others, no matter where.

Woock also developed Feel Good Free Art Project with beautiful drawings full of fun and color to bring more art into the city while helping businesses to attract customers.

She is a concerned citizen who listens and works hard. I am pleased to encourage citizens to vote for Jeni Woock for City Council.