Letters to the Editor

TRADE: Fuel terminals will provide more jobs

Re: “Support for fuel terminals is support for state’s workers” (Viewpoint, 9-27).

I applaud labor leaders Rick Hicks and Lee Newgent for reminding our public officials as to the importance of the export terminal projects and infrastructure that supports Washington’s trade economy.

As the authors point out, “Developing these export facilities would create more than 9,000 jobs during construction and more than 2,100 permanent, full-time, family wage jobs with an annual payroll of more than $115 million.” These numbers show that investing in infrastructure will create local jobs.

Our neighbors to the north are more than willing to export the commodities we are turning away. It is up to Washington state’s leadership to ensure the state does not lose out on projects, jobs and tax revenue.

Build trade infrastructure in Washington state, keep products moving to market, and allow modern port facilities the opportunity to attract future commerce. If we are not investing in international trade infrastructure, we are falling further behind those, like the Canadians, who are.