Letters to the Editor

RIGHTS: Stand with women or stand in the way

Women today are heading households, leading in the workplace and winning a bigger chunk of the bread than ever. But women aren’t always getting equal pay, equal rights and fair treatment in the workplace.

I was hired for a job when I was six months pregnant, and 27 years later I’m still working at the same institute. I am forever grateful to the enlightened and progressive woman who hired me.

My situation is rare, and that’s unfortunate. I can tell you from personal experience that pregnant and new mothers can be just as good employees as anyone else.

The system has been rigged against women far too long. It’s time we took action and fought for fair treatment of women in all aspects of society.

I have joined a movement to Stand with Women. It’s about fighting for freedom, for family values, for fairness and for opportunity for women. It’s something I encourage everyone, including elected officials in Tacoma, to consider.

We need to do this for our spouses, our sisters and our daughters. The rules need to be updated so that all women can be equal partners and thrive without barriers.

I stand with women.