Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: Why subsidize low-paying businesses?

Re: “No on Tacoma Initiative 1; yes on Initiative 1B” (editorial, 10-4).

The opinion expressed in this editorial is a regurgitation of what’s been spewed for years by selfish people justifying paying people substandard wages that have fallen far, far behind inflation over the last 25 years.

So what if some people holding those jobs are from middle-class homes? The claim that “many” minimum workers fall in that category is specious and is not supported with factual proof. How does that justify paying anyone substandard wages anyway?

Many people working those jobs are their own sole means of support. Companies like Walmart and McDonalds have been using this scam for years to justify paying so little that their employees qualify for food stamps and medical, while they rake in billions in profit each year.

Why should we be supporting their employees with our tax dollars? Let them pay them, and maybe cut their profit by - what? - 5 percent?

It’s not a myth that people who make more spend more, and they spend their money, not ours.

Tax credits? Tax dollars pay for that, too - again. You’re supporting the agenda of the wealthy against the poor. It makes me sick.