Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: John Hines is better for District 1

As a longtime resident of Tacoma City Council’s District 1, I have concerns about our representation on the council.

Achieving results on the council requires the ability to work with colleagues at least well enough to obtain a majority vote. This process can be called teamwork, collaboration, leadership or by some other name.

Unfortunately, in four years on the City Council, Anders Ibsen has either failed to grasp this simple concept or lacks the necessary skills. Ibsen has, on the other hand, managed to gain the mistrust of all but one of his fellow members who have joined with numerous other well-respected civic leaders to endorse his opponent, John Hines.

Hines has shown an ability to listen to all sides and work collaboratively with others. His experience in teaching and coaching reinforces his leadership and teamwork skills. Hines is clearly the