Letters to the Editor

SHOOTING: More laws won't stop mass murders

Please don’t foster the misconception that gun laws will stop mass murders. A gun is an inanimate tool. It doesn’t know nor can it be taught compassion, behavior or right from wrong.

In the United States most mass murderers have been young males. Friends, family and teachers afterwards often report the shooter was disconnected, quiet, a loner, weird, angry, etc.

Could we get a hotline for the community to report a person of high risk? Can we get a law for proof of age for unlimited access to the internet, movies and games that glorify killing? How about television programs that encourage excessively negative and abusive dialogue and actions from the “actors”?

A person can choose if and when to be a parent. Will you be loving, protective, responsible and accountable? No law can fix the damage done by what our communities have eroded or accepted with ennui as allowable behavior.