Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Maloney equals success for UPlace

Re: “Keep what’s working in University Place schools” (editorial, 9-17).

I was pleased to see The News Tribune endorsement of Rick Maloney’s candidacy for University Place school board.

As a 25-year-plus homeowner, educator and parent in University Place, I have a clear perspective of what Maloney brings to the position.

First and foremost, he puts students first. During his tenure on the board, Maloney contributed to the ongoing stability UP schools have enjoyed. Under his watch, UP schools have excelled in every category that matters - exceptional student achievement, fiscal accountability, and positive relations with the staff and community.

Maloney understands the role of the school board. He helped usher in the system of policy governance, which sets policy based on expressed community needs. He was a leader on the board when in 2014 it was awarded School Board of the Year for its commitment to quality education (wssda.org).

Maloney has invested more than 20 years of his life to our schools. He knows this isn’t a political position; it’s about results. University Place schools have proven themselves time and time again under his direction.

Stay the course; elect Rick Maloney and secure the benefits of his leadership.