Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: Wage hike will hurt businesses here

Re: “Do we fear paying people a living wage?” (letter, 10-7).

When did small businesses become the devil incarnate?

There are those who seem to think that a small business should pay a living wage to workers who have few or minimal skills.

If a worker is unable to provide the skills deserving of a living wage, why is it the responsibility of small business to artificially inflate the worth of their labor? This is nothing less than a direct tax foisted upon small businesses within the City of Tacoma.

If the worker cannot accrue the skill set to deserve a higher wage, then isn’t that the responsibility of society to fill in that gap or provide processes to improve their skill set?

Contrary to many people’s skewed view, most small businesses do not have the financial wherewithal to subsidize those that do not have the ability to accrue those skills.

Competitors outside the city limits will have a substantial advantage over those in the city who are overpaying those of limited skills.

My suggestion is to approach your state elected leaders to fully fund a safety net for those workers so society can meet their responsibility.