Letters to the Editor

SHOOTING: More citizens should be armed

As an emergency physician with significant trauma experience from my tours in Iraq and busy inner-city emergency rooms, I see too much violence.

Violence is a sickness, a disease that must be approached as such. We do a disservice to victims and families with thoughts such as “make it harder to buy guns and things will be better.”

This country, through entertainment and media, is obsessed with and desensitized to violence, then we wonder why we are seeing an increase in sporadic mass shootings.

Violent people are drawn to public places where responsible people are kept from arming themselves. Until Americans accept that we have an epidemic of violence and act to prevent these deplorable incidents, responsible citizens should carry firearms as a deterrent, giving violent people pause before walking into a room and opening fire on unprotected victims.

More importantly, we must put time and money into researching how to prevent these tragedies. Multi-shot guns have been present here since the 1800s; only recently have mass shootings become more prevalent.

I hope all Americans are able to face the reality that the only variable that has changed in this equation is us,