Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: Streets can't be ignored any longer

Those of us who live and/or work in Tacoma know that our roads are in desperate need of repair.

We all agree. It is no secret.

It’s the unfortunate reality we are forced to deal with on a daily basis. Our neighborhood streets have been the victims of severe neglect, and something must be done.

No one wants to pay more taxes, but the problem has become too severe to be addressed with current revenue. Even if we put our entire annual city budget towards fixing our streets, it still wouldn’t be enough.

Allowing our streets to decay will only make fixing them cost more in the future. We can’t put it off any longer; we must act now.

I am urging my fellow Tacomans to vote yes on both Propositions 3 and A on the Nov. 3 ballot. This is a reasonable approach that offers accountability and gives voters the final say.