Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Woock commits her time and energy

I support Jeni Woock for the Gig Harbor City Council.

In this day and age, it is not often that you find an individual who will commit large amounts of personal time to represent the interests of the homeowners and individual voters in the community. Woock has been doing this for several years now without monetary compensation.

Additionally, many of our public servants find it easier to align themselves with big business because that is where the money is most easily raised to support their campaigns. Woock’s money is coming from individuals like you and me; this signals me that she will continue to represent individuals first and business second.

This is one of dirtiest elections I’ve seen in Gig Harbor to date. I have heard a number of rumors that are just downright outrageous and totally wrong. I suggest that if you hear one of these rumors, contact Woock directly to find out what her position on that issue really is.