Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Michael Perrow is the smart choice

Councilman Michael Perrow is a valuable asset to the Gig Harbor community. His passion for serving the community is demonstrated through his diligence and hard work and reflected in his knowledge of important issues.

We have never seen anyone in public office who devotes more time and energy into thoroughly researching an issue before making important decisions that affect the community. Perrow works collaboratively and effectively with his peers. He is also an advocate for the people of Gig Harbor as he listens and responds to each individual concern that is addressed to him.

Perrow is a man of integrity who puts what is best for his community ahead of his own concerns for garnering votes or being re-elected. It is clear to us that he is a true leader who is not afraid to do what is right when it comes to the tough issues and serving his community.

We strongly urge Gig Harbor residents to put their votes behind Michael Perrow.