Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Al Abbott works at building community

My colleague, Al Abbott, is running for Gig Harbor City Council Position 5, and I am supporting his candidacy. I encourage you to do the same.

In addition to running a successful local business, Abbott has dedicated himself to building community through his work with numerous organizations such as the Downtown Waterfront Alliance and Rotary, to name a few. Like many families, I chose the Gig Harbor lifestyle for the natural beauty of our surroundings, and excellent schools. Abbott is committed to several projects that will enhance the livability of our town.

The first is a regional arts center in Gig Harbor, which will bring all ages together in a dynamic gathering space. A gem like this would enhance tourism and business, increasing lodging and tax revenue.

The second project he supports is a human-powered watercraft center. We are privileged to be the unique home for the world-class GH Canoe and Kayak Racing Team. These young athletes, some of whom just returned from international competition in Poland, still need a permanent home.

Please join me in voting for a collaborative leader who will continue to build and strengthen our community: Al Abbott for City Council Position 5.