Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Jeni Woock values transparency

A word or two about Jeni Woock, a candidate for the Gig Harbor City Council this year: For those of us who know her on a nonpolitical level, it can be said there is not a more giving, understanding, empathetic, honest person in our community. And, much to the surprise of her many acquaintances, she has become the voice of reason these past few years, taking the Gig Harbor City Council to task for not following, what she and many of us believe, is the will of the people.

It doesn’t matter what side of an issue you are on, but full transparency is paramount to those of us living in the city or frequently using city resources.

None of us agree with our elected officials all the time. I do not agree with Woock all the time. But if you are undecided about this City Council position, rest assured that she will always let you know what is going on. To me that is very comforting.