Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Garth Jackson has done his homework

Voters In the Peninsula School District may be aware of the race for school board between Leslie Harbaugh and Garth Jackson, two candidates with noble aspirations. The campaign has been intense but respectful, up to this point.

A recent letter writer, a Harbaugh supporter, compared Jackson’s efforts to support teachers and creative classroom practices to “a middle school student’s campaign promise of adding another recess or getting a vending machine in the gym if elected: They are attractive in theory but altogether unrealistic.”

This statement implies that a promise to be an instrument for change is just for show; the established authorities wield the real power, so you might as well not even try. My reaction is different; go for it!

Jackson has done his homework, has a master’s degree in education and 12 years of classroom experience. He knows what teachers and students want and need to create effective teaching. Jackson knows that implementing change will be a fight. Standardization and outside control are the trend in education, but someone has to speak up.