Letters to the Editor

TRAGEDY: Rethink development practices

Re: “Family seeks answers after tree kills dad” (TNT, 10-10).

High winds are certainly “an act of God,” however some land development practices can certainly lead to untoward effects and should be discouraged or closely regulated.

Usually government building departments acquiesce to the developers’ desire to completely clear undeveloped land for the following reasons:

▪ Fewer greenbelt areas mean more profit due to higher density of structures, ease of construction practices and more marketable timber to sell.

▪ Less thought process and care required from the “dirt guys” doing the site prep. Same goes for the rest of the crew in working around leaving some natural foliage to act as a “wind break” and enhance the appearance of the development.

Developers and city planners are not thinking enough about natural storm water management but still cling to older “retention pond” practices.