Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Anders Ibsen's trustworthiness matters

As a District 1 resident, I’m proud to support my City Council member, Anders Ibsen. Sure, his independence has ruffled feathers with some political insiders. But his record of results speaks for itself.

Ibsen took the lead on repealing tax loopholes to increase street repair funding. And he successfully fought for our Alcohol Impact Area to make our neighborhood safer.

John Hines lacks any noteworthy accomplishments. Moreover, I have seen him display a very casual attitude towards the truth. I have seen him change his opinion on the Proctor developments based on who is the audience. And let’s not forget, Hines promised voters he would run for a citywide council seat, only to suddenly file against Ibsen at the last minute.

Is it any wonder Hines has to resort to negative campaigning in the absence of actual core beliefs?