Letters to the Editor

SHOOTINGS: There have always been angry young men

I was stunned at the intellectualized naivete of the editorial, “Protection orders could stop some mass murders” (TNT, 10-6), and the article, “Mass shootings ‘contagious,’ public health doctor says.” Both imply we can monitor all males susceptible to impulsive anger and violence as if bringing new insights.

Shakespeare wrote of the passion and violence of youth when Romeo killed Tybalt. The ancient Greeks wrote of youth that “they are passionate, hot tempered, and carried away by impulse, and unable to control their passion; for owing to their ambition they cannot endure to be slighted, and become indignant when they think they are wronged.”

Our morgues are filled with women killed holding a protection order. It is ludicrous to think a protection order could stop an angry male with a gun or to think a team of “interrupters” can travel the nation identifying every male with anger issues. Most mass shooters did not overtly show anger.

The contagion is access to 310 million guns, many capable of mass shooting with one load. A piece of paper and the fantasy of an “interrupter” team ignore the reality of guns in America.