Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Ken Malich is the voice of reason

I am a longtime resident of Gig Harbor and am endorsing Ken Malich for Gig Harbor City Council, Position 5.

He was the sole voice of opposition to an out-of-town developer who wanted to oversaturate a small piece of land at the Burnham-Sehmel intersection. The council would have blindly approved it if Malich had not spoken up after I presented factual information (contrary to what the developer presented).

Malich said, “Let’s slow down and go out and take a look at that property to see if the density would be appropriate for that area.”

The council then unanimously voted against the project. What a breath of fresh air. His connection and caring attitude for this community are to be applauded.

I am not against development, but it has to fit within the adjacent area or else the property recently annexed into the city limits would start looking like Puyallup’s South Hill.

Please save our lovely community, and let our residents’ voices be heard over the developers;. Re-elect Ken Malich.